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Alice's childhood unfolded in her grandmother's enchanted garden, where flowers exuded magic. Guided by her grandmother, Alice learned that the beauty of flowers emanates from freedom and resilience. The flowers would gracefully dance at midnight, awakening a dreamlike realm. As Alice blossomed into a designer, she interwove the inspiration from her childhood garden into her creations, crafting a vision of liberated beauty for every woman.

Our floral watch straps seamlessly blend classic charm with individualized design, each one a hand-painted masterpiece with intricate textures that are utterly unique. Adorning these watch straps transports you to a fantastical dreamscape, enveloped in the embrace of beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Tana is a fabric built by obsession – a living thing that has grown and evolved with each new technological development and artistic movement across the last century, in a bespoke process fine-tuned by each generation of Liberty experts. Rigorously quality controlled at every stage, the result is a famous masterpiece of fabric technology: fine, cool, comfortable and durable, with a brilliant reproduction of thedesign studio’s lustrous prints.

What is the history of Tana Lawn cotton?

Since the late 1890s Liberty has been experimenting with cotton lawn, a smooth plain weave prized for its ultra-soft and durable qualities. In the early 1930s, Liberty’s then-Cotton Buyer William Hayes Dorell helped to establish a new Liberty signature, Tana Lawn cotton – and a brand legend was born. The ground-breaking product was named after Lake Tana in Ethiopia, where its unique long-staple cotton fibres originated. Back in the UK the silk-like threads were spun into lustrous form, printed with colourful ink, and turned into a material that would change the textile industry forever.

Where is Liberty Tana Lawn made?

Today, every bolt of Tana is the product of a bespoke production process: designed by the in-house studio artists, then printed at Liberty’s own Italian mill, close to Lake Como. Skilled technicians oversee the production of many hundreds of different designs, using a combination of traditional screen printing and cutting-edge digital printing techniques. The cotton fibre used in Tana is grown in India, Egypt and US.

What thread count is Tana Lawn?

Tana is made from specially selected ultra-fine long staple cotton, woven from 70 and 100 ply yarns and subjected to a lengthy series of preparations to ensure its distinctive qualities of handle, lustre and stability. It has a thread count of 240.

Is there an Organic Tana Lawn cotton?

Yes – Liberty Fabrics offers a GOTS-certified Organic Tana Lawn cotton version. For Organic Tana, the process is verified and certified at every stage of the supply chain to meet with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) requirements – from growing and spinning, to bleaching, mercerising and printing, and all the way to final finishing and packaging.

What can Tana Lawn cotton be used for?

Loved by Liberty Fabrics enthusiasts across generations, Tana has always sparked the creativity of designers. It has been continuously reinterpreted by globally renowned luxury design houses and home crafters alike, possessing the chameleonic ability to exude classic or eccentric, nostalgic or cutting-edge aesthetics at will.

As one of the most versatile fabric bases on the market, Tana boasts a silk-like touch, a lustrous color palette, and exceptional comfort. Additionally, it is machine washable with a breathable construction. Its applications are diverse, ranging from crafting homewares or accessories to creating distinctive fashion pieces or quilted artworks – the possibilities are as boundless as one's imagination. In a groundbreaking move, Tana was even employed in petalwhisper as an Apple Watch strap, showcasing its unparalleled uniqueness and beauty.